What we do

Delta Compliance provides consulting services to licensed cannabis operators in navigating the complex web of operational compliance from State and Federal Authorities pertaining to Environmental, Health and Safety Compliance.

Cannabis operators may overlook these sate and federal regulations if solely focused on compliance with state cannabis laws. This leads to organizational liabilities which may result in heavy fines, violations, and penalties or orders to cease operations. Delta Compliance aims to prevent these costly mistakes through careful front-end planning and execution.

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Our mission

Our mission is to provide licensed cannabis operators with the resources, tools , and systems to develop and maintain world class safety and compliance programs.

Our values

Delta Compliance Consulting is committed to being the industry leader in the development of tools, systems and processes used to streamline and manage their compliance programs.

Delta Compliance is committed to working with integrity in client relationships, regulatory guidance and business operations.

At its core, “delta” means variation. Delta Compliance is the central hub for providing clarity on multi-state varying regulations, and providing timely, cost effective recommendations for safety and compliance. Delta Compliance is committed to ensuring women and BIPOC communities are fully represented in all areas of our business practices.

Industry regulations and best practices seem to change daily, the performance and products produced by Delta Compliance will continue to remain world class.

Meet the team

Talya Mayfield


Talya Mayfield is the CEO and Principal consultant for Delta Compliance Consulting. Talya has a B.S. in Biology, an M.S. in Industrial Engineering Management, and a Certificate in Lean Six Sigma.

She spent 8 years in the cement manufacturing and chemical treatment industries working on a range of environmental compliance requirements, from improving safety and employee exposure, to hazardous material management and disposal.

She has now merged this expertise with her love of all things cannabis, and launched Delta Compliance Consulting to help cannabis operators run safe, compliant and successful facilities.