What we do

Delta Compliance (Delta) is a consulting enterprise with distinct expertise in delivering comprehensive Environmental, Health, Safety (EHS), and risk solutions. Our core mission revolves around catering to tightly regulated sectors, with a specialized emphasis on the cannabis industry. Drawing upon our well-established proficiency in securing compliance permits and establishing resilient frameworks within industries such as heavy manufacturing, chemicals, and waste management, Delta was founded with a focused intent on fulfilling compliance needs within highly regulated sectors. As a Limited Liability Company based in Missouri, Delta extends its operations across all North American states and territories, presenting fully compliant resolutions to tackle the intricacies of your supply chain hurdles.

Our mission

Our goal is to offer groundbreaking solutions that reduce environmental, health, and safety risks across the supply chain, with a particular focus on heavily regulated industries such as the cannabis sector.

Our values

Delta Compliance Consulting is committed to being the industry leader in the development of tools, systems and processes used to streamline and manage their compliance programs.

Delta Compliance is committed to working with integrity in client relationships, regulatory guidance and business operations.

At its core, “delta” means variation. Delta Compliance is the central hub for providing clarity on multi-state varying regulations, and providing timely, cost effective recommendations for safety and compliance. Delta Compliance is committed to ensuring women and BIPOC communities are fully represented in all areas of our business practices.

Industry regulations and best practices seem to change daily, the performance and products produced by Delta Compliance will continue to remain world class.

Owner and Principal Consultant, Talya D. Mayfield

Talya Mayfield


Meet Talya Mayfield, the CEO and Principal Consultant of Delta Compliance. With a diverse background and extensive expertise, Talya leads the way in ensuring safety and compliance within the cannabis industry. With a B.S. in Biology, an M.S. in Industrial Engineering Management, and a Certificate in Lean Six Sigma, Talya combines her scientific knowledge and operational excellence to drive sustainable growth.

With over a decade of experience spanning multiple industries, including manufacturing, mining, energy recovery, and cannabis, Talya has successfully undertaken a wide range of projects. From developing and implementing robust safety programs to tracking and reporting on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards, Talya has consistently delivered outstanding results. She has also handled complex challenges such as classification of materials and navigating through the permitting processes.

Recognizing the need for safe and compliant practices within the burgeoning cannabis sector, Talya founded Delta Compliance. Through her leadership, Delta offers invaluable support to cannabis and other highly regulated industries across the country, facilitating their responsible and sustainable growth.